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Residential Services

After years in the plumbing and drainage industry, Downstream Group has become industry leaders. We specialise in all aspects of plumbing, gas fitting, drainage, bathroom / laundry & kitchen renovations, detailed excavations, hydraulic installs, OSD tank installs, raingardens and rain water tank installs.Our team are highly qualified, professional plumbers with the skills, experience, equipment and capability of undertaking any plumbing & drainage project, large or small.


High Pressure Water Jetter

Blockages may include paper build up, tree roots, sand from breakages, sewer build up and construction material or foreign objects. We have yet to encounter one of these materials that the jetter can’t handle.

Hot Water Units

Downstream Group supplies and installs a wide range of hot water systems throughout Sydney. Working with both gas and electric systems, we offer affordable prices and reliable workmanship for our customers’ convenience.

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Pipe Repairs

We’re not only experts, but we also ensure high-level courtesy and cleanliness when performing the service. Our plumbers make sure that all the repair works are carried out efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Sewer CCTV Camera

With the use of the latest CCTV drain camera equipment, Downstream Group can inspect your sewer or stormwater issues. Our team are able to precisely locate and isolate your drainage issues, taking away the guess work and assumptions.

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Gas Repairs & Installations

Our qualified gas plumbers specialise in gas fitting, gas plumbing and gas repairs. If you suspect a gas leak, need to install a gas point or require any other gas work around your home or business, Downstream Group can help.


Drainage & Excavation

Downstream Group has extensive experience in designing and installing sewer & stormwater solutions for new and existing, commercial, and residential properties in Sydney and surrounding areas. Regardless of your space, we’ll find the most suitable solution.

Toilet and Cistern Services

If your toilet won’t flush or is blocked, Downstream Group can provide professional toilet repairs that will restore your system quickly for an affordable price. Whether it’s a toilet in your restaurant or workplace or the one at home, our plumbers can provide the solution you need.

  • How do I know if I have a blockage?
    Warning signs of a blocked drain can include loud gurgling sounds, unusual water levels that change rapidly and bad smells coming from your drain area.
  • Why does my drain block?
    Drains are usually blocked due to materials being lodged in them. Always wipe oils or fat from dishes before washing them in the sink. Bathroom drains often get blocked because of oil residue from soaps and hair.
  • Can you unblock a sewer drain without digging up and damaging property?
    In most cases, yes, it is possible. With our high-tech specialist equipment, we can locate the blockage and unblock the pipe without having to excavate.
  • What causes a water leak?
    There can be multiple reasons for a water leak, however, some of the main causes are; Corrosion Increased water pressure Poor installation Accidents like drilling or poor soil conditions
  • How do I know if I have a leak and what should I look out for?
    If you suspect you may have a leak, take notice of; water pooling on the ground or surface, landscaping areas that are abnormally green/lush, heaving, cracking, sinking or potholes, damp soil, water pressure decrease, an increased water bill, the leak indicator on your water meter is moving when all water usage is turned off.
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